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Biographies are like assholes. All bands have one (In our case, he's named Foob) but no one's really interested in them. We therefore have two versions of our biography. You are now on the page with the official biography. But if you want the boring factual one, click here.


<STARSPAWN> was formed in 1990 under the name of SPAWN by long time friends Steven Redant (Stel), Francis Depuydt, Jan Vandenbergh (Beejay) and Johan Wuyckens (Foob). None of them had sheep, nor did they officially interact with them in any way during office hours.

Francis left about a year after the band's formation because of artistic differences. He wanted to wear tights and wooden hats, do folk dances with men smaller than 160 centimeters and make goat's cheese. The others band members didn't care much for cheese making activities.

Now a trio and still under the name of SPAWN, the band recorded two demotapes and started doing live shows, mainly hoping to get noticed by beautiful women, but only attracting those living in the woods or near fish farms.


In 1995 they changed their name to <STARSPAWN> to avoid confusion with a German Hardcore Punk band called Spawn. They first considered sueing the German band, but their line-up consisted of very wide giants with veins as thick as knackwursten and their favourite activities involved cow lifting, shin kicking and embroidery, so the Belgian band quickly abandoned the idea.


New recordings started in 1998 on a digital eight track studio for their debut CD. The album 'Four Pound Ransom' was released independently and featured artwork painted by a member of the band. For reasons beyond anyone's mental grasp, the CD actually received favourable and sometimes even rave reviews in the specialised press.

In 2000, just before the official release of the CD, the band was for the first time joined by a drummer. Philip Marivoet, again a long time friend, had just witnessed the end of his Rock band Plush (their bodies were never found) and was swiftly adopted by <STARSPAWN> where his presence was immediately translated in bruised shins, swollen elbows and infected gums. God knows why. A new number of live performances also followed.


Thinking he was too talented for the band Foob left in 2005. The rest continued as an instrumental outfit because they didn't find a vocalist who was willing to commit career suicide. They played a handful of gigs and wrote new material. In 2010 Stel found Foob, pennyless and addicted to internet porn involving tigers and French men called André. He was kept in a shed at a fish farm by the woman running the place.

Soon after Foob reclaimed his position behind the mic the recordings started (this tame using Reaper software) for a new as yet untitled CD. The band is also rehearsing a new live set. Beautiful women everywhere are warned to stay clear in order to avoid keratitis.




Steven 'Stel' Redant: Bass, backing vocals, song writing.
Jan 'Beejay' Vandenbergh: Guitars, song writing.
Philip Marivoet: Drums, song writing.
Johan 'Foob' Wuyckens: Vocals, song writing.

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