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18 Speed Tranny : Fluid
(Roaddog music - 2003)
Category : criminally overlooked
3 stars

This American trio seems intent on reviving the classic Black Sabbath sound and they are doing a very good job at it. Most riffs, although not being rip offs from one of Sabbath's four first albums, reek of Tony Iommi. And what a foul stench it is. What I mean to say is this: 'Fluid' contains very good stuff, especially if you are among those for whom the seventies are still very much alive. As I count myself among that group of freaks, the to the point riffs, the no frills production, the stoner sound and the acid rock influences are a treat. All songs are from decent to high quality.

In my opinion there are a few fillers, but there is no really weak song present and the average quality of the songs is certainly high enough to bring this band to your attention. Especially if you haven't forgotten Black Sabbath, The Free or any of the other seventies heavy rock artists.


footnote: At the time I put this review online, I also checked our their website and found out that 'Fluid' could be purchased there for only 6 USDollars.

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