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Diamond Head : Living on Borrowed Time
Di'Anno : Di'Anno Russel DaShiell : Elevator
Europe : Secret Society Ace Lane : See you in Heaven
Judas Priest : Rocka Rolla
The Awful Truth : The Awful Truth Piledriver : Metal Inquisition
Bad News : Bohemian Rhapsody (single) Frank Marino : Juggernaut
Tiger : Going Down Laughing Ambrosia : Ambrosia
Scene of the Crime (sampler featuring Manitou) Angel : Helluva Band
Mother's Finest : Iron age
Eloy : Performance Hydra : Rock the World
Wishbone Ash : Number the Brave FM : City of Fear
Ian Gillan Band : Clear Air Turbulence
Revolver : First Shot Angel Witch : Angel Witch
Dario Mollo & Tony Martin : The Cage 2 Rick Derringer : Sweet Evil
Fastway : Easy livin' (3 track EP) Hard Horse : (Get it) Up Down (single)
Starcastle : Citadel
Man in Space : How to Potty Train a Supernova 18 Speed Tranny : Fluid
Charlie : Charlie + 2 more albums Scorpions : Fly to the rainbow
Snail : Snail Trespass :  Brightlights EP
The Hans Staymer Band : Dig a hole (single) (Yngwie J. Malmsteen's) Rising Force : Rising Force
Russia : Russia
Legend : Limited edition four track single (EP) Glenn Hughes : Songs in the Key of Rock
Akira Takasaki : Tusk of Jaguar Phideaux : Ghost Story
Arabesque : the Union
Thin Lizzy : Thunder and Lightning David Coverdale : Whitesnake
Donald Fagen : Kamakiriad T2 : It'll all work out in Boomland
Robin George : Dangerous Music
Bob Welch : The Other One Budgie : If I were Britannia, I'd waive the rules
Lone Kent : Granite and Sand
Chet Nichols : Time Loop Ian Eccles-Smith : Apsilene
Kiss : The Elder Demon : The Plague
Gamma : 2 & 3
Codeseven : The Rescue Samson : Don't get mad, get even
Orange Peel : I got no time (single) The Gathering : If then Else
Snowmen : Snowmen
Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without alex) : Fourplay The Sensation : Black eyed Woman / Baby (single)
Les Dudek : Gypsy Ride Toto : Tambu
Gorefest : Soul Survivor Aviator : Turbulence
Valhalla : Coming home / Through with you (single) Chyld : Conception
Y&T : Black Tiger
San Dimas : Drowning + San Dimas Riggs : Riggs
Sky High : Freezin' Hot Status Quo : The Pye file series (anthology)
Devil to Pay : Thirty pieces of silver Khold : Phantom
Fist (Myofist) : Thunder in Rock
Jethro Tull : Stormwatch Snake : New Light + Second Step
The Circus Maximus (Manilla Road) : The Circus Maximus Tank : This means War
klaatu : Klaatu
Saxon : Power & the Glory Robin Trower : Victims of the Fury
For Absent Friends : The big Room Michael Schenker Group : Arachnaphobiac
Ozric Tentacles : Spirals in Hyperspace Van Halen : Women and children first
1919 : Earth song (EP) Riff Raff : Vinyl futures
Headpins : Turn it loud
Dietrich - Red Alert (EP)
Nazareth : Exercises + Play'n' the Game + The Fool Circle + 2XS (4 albums)
Fabulous Poodles : Fabulous Poodles
I often find myself in disagreement with music fans as well as music critics. Is it because I have a shitty taste in music, or because they do? It is of course the latter.

As a result there are many albums out there that I feel didn't get the proper respect. They were criminally overlooked, hugely underrated or simply misunderstood. This site is a tribute to those albums, and an attempt to give them the treatment they deserve, albeit in a small way.

For you, the visitor, it is an opportunity to bask in the sunlight of my superior taste in music. Even if you only absorb 1% of that light, you will have learned a lot.

Aaron M. Brown (drummer of Manilla Road on 'The Circus Maximus') wrote: I came across your website tonight. I enjoyed your review of 'The Circus Maximus', and the site overall.

Griff Stevens (singer of Russia and Force 10) wrote: you reviewed the Russia album with an uncanny insight and ability to sub-reference influences. Thanks for the kind words.

Chet Nichols wrote: Hey, thanks for the nice review. Good way to wake up in the morning. It is funny that so many people still respond favorably to my early work. But, as my Uncle Jack once said, "A good song is always a good song"
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These are the reviews that are planned to be added at a rate of 1 or 2 a week: Benny Jansson: 'Save the World' - Dub War: 'Pain' - The Hunt: 'Back on the Hunt' - Jon Butcher Axis: 'Jon butcher Axis' - Larry Carlton: 'Strikes Twice' - Noiseworks: 'Touch' - Sergeant: 'Sergeant' - Shooting Star: 'Hang on for your Life' - System 7 (featuring Steve Hillage): 'Golden Section' - Ted Nugent (featuring Meat Loaf): 'Free-for-All' - Tim Goodman: 'Footsteps' - Tribe: 'Temper' - Twelfth Night: 'Fact and Fiction' - Vandale: 'Stale Verhale' - ...

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