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Arabesque: The Union
(Lion music - 2002)
Category : overlooked
3,66 stars

There's more than one act called Arabesque. This is the Dutch Progressive Metal band.

Arabesque's fourth album is an awesome example of musician's craftsmanship. If I compare this to the only other album I know of them, which is 'Beyond the Veil', I have to say that their sound has changed a lot. And for the better. On 'Beyond the Veil', an album which I already liked very much, the idea seemed to be to make music which was as technically intricate as possible. On 'The Union', Progressive elements are still very present, but there's room for that thing called 'the song'.

The introduction of a female singer (Arabesque used to be an instrumental band at the beginning) has been a good choice it seems. Actually, there's two vocalists. The first one has a clear melodic way of singing, a bit like Anneke van Giersbergen of The Gathering, the second one has a more soulful voice which took me some time getting used to. However, this didn't take too long, because both singers are actually very good. Musically there are some similarities to Dream Theater and late Sieges Even, so if you're a Prog Metal fan you can't go wrong with 'the Union'.


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