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Bad News : Bohemian Rhapsody (single)
Category : overlooked
4 stars

The reason why I included a "review" about this single here (the sleeve shows the album from which the single was taken), is because it's so funny and because Bad News is rather unknown outside of the UK. Bad News are actually the comedians known as The Young Ones (from the British television cult humour series with the same name). It's very similar in nature as that other spoof band Spinal Tap except for the fact that for the members of Bad News it wasn't their sole claim to fame. Television comedy series were their main activity, and the dimwitted members of Bad News were just one of their alter personas. If you want to learn more about the band, read the Wiki page.

Now, what makes 'Boheman Rhapsody' so irresistable? First of all, it's a cover of that biggest of Progressive Rock anthems by Queen. The pompous nature of the song of course makes it a perfect target for a parody like this. It may give you a small idea of what the song might've sounded like if Queen weren't the talented musicians they are. But ten times worse. The singing is terrible, timing is awful, the guitar solo sounds like it's played by a novice. But all these elements are present in the right amounts to keep it funny, and at the same time to maybe keep quite a few listeners wondering if this is a parody or just an untalented cover band playing. The acapella part especially is hilarious. The band members (none of them able to keep a right note) are "falling" over each other and the result is a mess, yet at the same time still very recognisable. The "now!" just prior to the uptempo Hard Rock ending, is hilarious as well, as is the comment at the end.

The most fun part about this, is the fact that many a Queen fan may have been horrified by this. I had a friend who called it herecy, because 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was something not to be touched. Queen seems to have more humour than their fans apparently, as this little jewel of British musical humour was produced by Queen guitarist Brian May himself.

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