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Chet Nichols's reply to the review of 'Time Loop'

Mornin' Johan,

Hey, thanks for the nice review, Johan. Nice way to wake up in the morning. I am glad you appreciate what Stephen Barncard (my co-producer) and I produced. We put a lot of love and effort into producing what we wanted to be a unique record. There was a follow up album that didn't hit the racks until years later, 'Waving Prairie'.

I had a great run while I was at it, but Kama Sutra (the label) was bought and I got caught in a corporate squabble between Kama Sutra's president, Neil Bogart, and the new owner, Viewlex. Neil considered me "his new James Taylor" and was very committed to me. He left Kama Sutra and to spite him they did not release me from my contract and would not let me record. At the same time, my management and booking company folded because of internal squabbles! I eventually moved to LA where I produced an album, 'Paradise'. Then I moved to Chicago and got involved in film production.

About ten years ago, through the prodding of old friends, fans and my sons, I started producing music again. Since then I have produced:
'Lucky Man' - alternative country
'Modern Progress' - folk rock/Americana
'One Man Band' - Greatest hits
'Red Mesa Sunset' - New Age instrumental
'Earthways' - New Age instrumental

I have two new records that I am working on at the moment. They are very obscure because they are on a very small indie label, Magic Garage Records.

Again, thanks for the kind words. It is funny that so many people still respond favorably to my early work. But, as my Uncle Jack once said, "A good song is always a good song". To prove the point, recently, I had three of my older songs (35 years+) on the Top Ten Folk-Alternative Song Charts at Also, recently, one of my new compositions, 'Beijing Dawn' was #4 in the world at American Idol Underground.

You can hear some of the songs and compositions at my music site

Hope you have a great've made mine.
My Best,
Chet Nichols

Some more information about 'Time Loop'
(written by Chet Nichols):
It was originally entitled 'Horses and Eagles'. But, when the record execs heard the tape they didn't think there was a "single" on the record. I argued that 'Electra' was the single, but they disagreed. Oddly enough, it became the first single off the record.

Anyway, I had another new tune called, 'Time Loop' that I sent them and they liked we produced it. We had to pull a song off the, I pulled "Horses and Eagles" off for use at a later date...and we added 'Time Loop'. So, when I went in and re-mastered and digitized the 'Time Loop' CD, I added the long-lost tune, 'Horses & Eagles'... It's a bonus track, so to speak.

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