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Codeseven : The Rescue
(The Music Cartel - 2002)
Category : criminally overlooked
3,33 stars

When this band progressed from a kind of Death Metal meets Hardcore to a unique type of Alternative Rock with Metal influences and a touch of Emo, they certainly took me by surprise, for the shift in style was dramatical.

The Emo part comes from the vocals and from the introvert way of playing, which gives the songs a Jeff Buckley-esque feel. 'The Rescue' is a very warm, human sounding album, but still with enough power to please both Nu-Metal fans and Alternative Rock fans alike. It has a wide, almost mainstream appeal, but it's in no way one of those faceless Nu-Metal releases. First of all it's got character to spare and it's way too varied to be pigeonholed in that genre.

The tracks 'Southie' and 'The Rescue' in particular are amazing, but the rest of the tracks isn't far behind in terms of impact and quality, making this CD a worthwile addition to any guitar music fan's music collection.

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