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Fastway : Easy Livin' (3 track EP)
(CBS - 1983)
Category : overlooked
5 stars

When Motörhead's Eddie Clarke started Fastway (in the early days the band also included UFO's Pete Way) the result was brilliant at times, mediocre at others. As time went by the band turned into a Hair Metal combo and the material suffered. But if you want a sample of Fastway at their strongest, look no furthr than this three track EP. It contained the two best tracks of their debut album and an extra song that's simply amazing.

The element that's the most remarkable about Fastway's sound is not Clarke's guitar, although of course he's not a dwarf at playing the instrument, but the distinctive high pitched voice of Irish newcomer Dave King who often sounds like Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant.

'Easy Livin' is essentially nothing more than a fast Boogie rocker, but the chorus is so catchy that the style doesn't even matter, really. Brilliant. If Led Zeppelin were to play a Status Quo song, it might have sounded a bit like this.

'Say what you will' is again a Boogie rocker, but at a mid paced tempo this time. The song is carried by an inventive guitar riff and (again) King's amazing voice.

'Far Far from home' is emotional sounding slow Hard Rock, bordering at the same time on a ballad and a slow Blues Rocker. It's an expressive song, rich in contrast, brought with so much conviction by the musicians and the singer alike, that it's nothing less than breathtaking. I wonder why they only released it on this EP.

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