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The Hans Staymer Band : Dig a hole (single)
Category : overlooked
4 stars

Just a quickie to bring to your attention this obscure and wonderful single by the band of the Canadian (of German origin) singer and harmonica player Hans Staymer. It contains two songs that both were taken from an album titled 'Dig a Hole'. It's the A-side that's of particular interest here, as it's a fun, uncomplicated sounding song with an enormous instant appeal. A sure sign that Staymer is a crafty songsmith.

The song can be catalogued under Folk Rock, but it's difficult to compare 'Dig a hole' to another band. It has a special feel that sets it apart. Part of the special appeal might be that the its structure isn't what you'd normally expect from a Pop or Rock song. The music seems to "flow along", without going from verses to choruses. Two thirds into the song, there's an instrumental part, but even that doesn't break the flow. The song simply keeps your interest going by the adding (or sometimes taking away) instruments along the way, and by the strength of the vocal melody and Staymer's distinctive somewhat coarse voice that's pleasant to listen to, and definitely one that fans of The Band and Creedence Clearwater Revival will appreciate.

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar. The bass kicks in first, with an interesting somewhat groovy bass line. I can also distinguish a banjo, if I'm not mistaken. And at a certain point a saxophone joins in. Normally I don't like the intrusive tones of the instrument, but here they work just fine.

To cut things short: very nice indeed.

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