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Hard Horse : (Get it) Up Down (single)
Category : overlooked
5 stars

I don't know anything about this band. I looked for information but apparently this single is so obscure that it doesn't even appear in online lists of record collectors. That's bad news. Very bad news, because it means you'll probably never find it. But if you do, and if you're into 70's Rock, get it, because it's one of the best 70's Rock singles I have ever heard.

'Up Down' is something very unusual. It's a slow and funky Rock song that's driven by a rather fat bass line and a rhythm that's groovy as hell. It's so much fun that you'll be humming along that catchy chorus every time you hear it.

'So long I'm moving on' sounds a bit more traditional, but just as interesting. Thanks to the flute, although it isn't used as a solo instrument, it has a 'Benefit'-era Jethro Tull feel, but again there's that groovy undertone (that seems to be their trademark), to set them apart.

Hard Horse doesn't really sound like any other band, but I would nevertheless dare recommended their music to fans of early Grand Funk, early Jethro Tull and 'Raw Sienna'-era Savoy Brown. That's quite a narrow selection, though. I do believe their appeal is wider than that.

If anyone has information on this band, please contact me. I'd like to find out if their other material is as strong as this, if there is any.

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