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Lone Kent : Granite and Sand
(Crammed - 1993)
Category : criminally overlooked
4,5 stars

I picked up this CD a few years ago in a bargain bin, not knowing what to expect. But I have to say it quickly turned out to be one of the best bargains I ever found, as 'Granite & Sand' has been one of my favourite CD's ever since. As soon as the opener sets in, the smooth playing style of Lone Kent immediately captivated me. It wasn't like anything I had heard before, and as such instantly recognisable, which puts this guitarist in a select group of six string wizards. His wizardry does not lie in an acrobatic playing style but in a subdued, almost liquid way of playing that he skilfully uses to create an atmosphere of crystaline purity.

The music is mild mannered and has an intimate feel to it. Sometimes it even borders on ambient. But it's still a Rock album though, only with a sound that's round (enhanced even more by his soft and "sensual" voice") and pleasing. In this respect it reminded me a bit of the 70's Robin Trower albums, even though it's not the same kind of music. At the same time the atmosphere is a bit à la Daniel Lanois, yet again this is where the comparison ends, as Kent's music is hard to compare to the music of others.

It's difficult to describe what Lone Kent does on this CD and completely impossible to pigeonhole. Nevertheless everything on it is perfectly accessible for a wide audience so why not head over to his site and find out exactly why this is worth your attention. It's also a chance to see how he has progressed towards a more electronic, yet equally pleasing kind of music since this 1993 album. A few songs on his latest CD reminded me a bit of the alternative Belgian Band Ozark Henry, but again with a twist that's undeniably his own.


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