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Man in Space : How to Potty Train a Supernova
(independent release - 2002)
Category : overlooked
3 stars

"What is that which was, and will be, whether there is a Universe or not, whether there be gods or not? SPACE!"

That's the quote you'd see if you'd be visiting their website. Man in Space has no problem with admitting that they're totally obsessed with Space Rock and that their music doesn't necessarily sound very up to date. On the contrary, their aim is to relive the era of Psychedelic Rock of the 70's. It's therefore not by chance that their main influence is Hawkwind. On this album this Belgian band often sounds like a complete rip-off of Hawkwind. They're not up to level yet with the grandmaster's better material, but all in all fans of Hawkwind will be pleased to hear that Man in Space is a GOOD rip-off. There's some King Crimson and Steve Hillage influences too on this interesting demo album with only a few weaker songs. So if you're interested in 70's Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock and maybe also if you're into Progrock, ignore the awful artwork and put this band on your list of things worth checking out.


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