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Orange Peel : I got no time (single)
(Admiral - 1969)
Category : overlooked
3,5 stars

This a very obscure German band. As far as I could find out they only released one album and this two track single. The only noteworthy thing about this band is the fact that their drummer, who was 17 at the time, was Curt Cress, who would later resurface in the Krautband Triumvirat (among many others) and who became a session musician with some standing in Germany.

I've read a review somewhere that said their album was Progressive Rock. I can't tell, as I have never heard it. But I can tell you about this single.

'Searching for a place to hide' didn't really catch my attention (hence the "low" 3,5 star rating), but 'I got no time' is an absolute killer that you can listen to over and over. It's essentially a classic Funk Rock song, that's driven by a very fat bass line that's mixed in front of the guitar. The feel is similar to vintage Grand Funk Railroad but with a groove that's fatter than a hippo's ass. You have to hear it to believe it.

It's a pity nothing ever came of this band because they certainly had the talent.

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