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Rick Derringer : Sweet Evil
(Blue Sky - 1977)
Category: overlooked
4,66 stars

Rick Derringer (second from the right on the sleeve) has never achieved the succes he deserved. He has always remained in the shadow of the better known Bluesy Hard Rockers. I don't see why.

I have only heard four of his albums, but 'Sweet Evil' stuck out, as it's really good from start to end. There's not one filler track here. The style is a rather funky type of Rock. I'm not going into such detail as to review each track individually. It's enough to say that each track is well written, that they're catchy and really fun to listen to and that the guitar playing is excellent. My favourites are the Funk Rocker 'I didn't ask to be Born', the downtempo Rock song 'One Eyed Jack', a fast Rock song called 'Let's make it', the "Reggae song in disguise" 'Drivin' Sideways' and the titletrack, a semi-ballad that turns into the album's most energetic track half way through.

Are you a Classic Rock fan? 70's Hard Rocker? Funk Rocker? Blues Rocker? Check it out, and don't listen to what the negative critcs might have said about it. They're all wrong.


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