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Robin Trower : Victims of the fury
(Chrysalis - 1980)
Category : underrated
4,66 stars

For some reason this album by the ex-Procol Harum guitar miracle didn't get the same positive reception many other Trower-releases did. I don't see why. It sounds just as warm, has the same understated fluent guitar playing many of us came to love, the same round sound and James Dewar's nothing less than phenomenal voice that fits the music like a glove due to its soulful nature.

True, the songs are shorter, but not one bit less convincing or less inspired than on his best albums. The songs have that typical Trower/Dewar feel, a weird and wonderful mixture of melancholy, understanding, acceptance and solace. And it has something for every kind of Rock fanatic. There's a fair share of slow and bluesy rockers that will please fans of Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Funk Rock and Blues Rock alike. But Hard Rockers will be pleased with a couple of songs as well.

Weak songs are non-existing on 'Victims of the Fury'. Each cut has impressive guitar playing on it and each one has a strong and memorable chorus that's being lifted to lonely heights by Rock history's most underrated voice. No, this is not a mediocre Trower album, it's one of his greatest and one of the best starting points to get to know his music.

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