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This is the artwork of San Dimas' second CD 'San Dimas'.

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San Dimas : Drowning
(Cargo Germany - 2002)
Category : criminally overlooked
3,5 stars

San Dimas : San Dimas
(Massacre / Flyline Music AG Management - 2004)
Category : criminally overlooked
3,5 stars

These are two short reviews I wrote in 2002 and 2004 when I was still active as a DJ for the radio show Dakka Dakka (website). I simply reposted the reviews here because I still think these are good albums, that didn't get nearly enough attention.

This sounds fresh. It's a bit like Filter, Garbage, GVSB and Pop Will Eat Itself rolled into one protein rich ball. On the whole this is an excellent varied album, with arousing steroid popsongs. There are only two or three weaker compositions on it, especially the softer ones (let's call them "ballads") which are not San Dimas' strongest point. In fact, the title track (a ballad) is the weakest of all and one wonders what they were thinking of when they decided to put it on the CD. Not that I have anything against ballads, but there are simply a lot of better songs like it out there. Other minus is the fact that on some songs the guitars sound too distorted (who'd have thought a DJ of Dakka Dakka would ever say a thing like that?). However, we're getting way too negative here, because these are the only lesser points of this otherwise perfect album which will be the 'favorite of the week' in one of the following emissions of our Dakka Dakka radio show.

San Dimas:
This Swiss quartet has progressed. They have left behind the slightly Industrial influences of their debut and went back to basics. Now, a bit different but equally interesting, 'San Dimas' sounds like an offspring of a poppy band like 'The Rasmus' and a more mature sounding band like 'Tool'. And it's a beautiful baby indeed. San Dimas manages to remain accessible, while at the same time keeping a slightly dark undertone, a touch of 'angst' (not nearly as much as 'Tool', but still). The vocals aren't necessarily the srongest I have ever heard, but they are good, have lots of personality and work perfectly within this framework of Grunge, Alternative Rock and Nu-metal influenced Rock. As you see, as was the case too with their debut CD, the music on 'San Dimas' is difficult to pigeonhole. Another trademark of a truly interesting band worth your attention.

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