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Scorpions : Fly to the Rainbow
(RCA - 1974)
Category : overlooked
4,5 stars

Scorpions : Lonewsome crow
(Rhino - 1972)
Category : overlooked
3,66 stars

How can a Scorpions album be overlooked or underrated? They're one of Europe's best selling artists, aren't they? Yes, they are. But we're talking about a side of the Scorpions many people don't seem to know or remember, and that's the fact that they started off as a sort of Progressive Rock band. Of course we all know their hideous, vomit inducing hit 'Winds of change' (or more appropriately 'Fart of Cheap Commercialism'), but their first two albums are forgotten gems. Mind you, they're nowhere near as Progressive as Yes or Rush, say, but still this music has more depth, more variation and is of a far more adventurous and crafty nature than their later material. It's even hard to imagine that this is the same band that bored us to death with 'Rock you like a Hurricane'.

Hey, I know it's all just a matter of taste in the end. If you're into Prog and into Classic Rock, these two albums will sound more interesting than anything they have released after 1978. If you're uneducated or misguided or some other type of Rock critic, you'll probably think they are dull and pompous and prefer their million selling records instead. Think as you like. It's your loss.


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