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Snail : Snail
(Cream - 1978)
Category : overlooked
3,33 stars

Again an obscure album by an obscure band. Snail have released two albums that I know off. Their debut is the only one I own. I found it in a bargain bin once for 50 Eurocents. Looking at the sleeve I thought it might be something Progressive and I wasn't far off. Snail's music is a mixture of Soft Rock, Funk, Folk Rock and Progressive Rock.

The album isn't strong throughout, so it might have been permanently shelved as one of those "not too bad" slabs of vinyl, were it not for the presence of three absolutely terrific songs.

'The Joker' is a slow and Funky Soft Rock song with a long and very impressive instrumental part with an extended, funky wah-wah guitar solo and with beautiful vocal arrangements. 'Catch me' is a Folky (and non-cheesy) ballad that half way through takes on a glorious tone when that memorable chorus kicks in. 'Freedom in the Country' is again essentially a laid back Funk Rock song. Once more there's the excellent balance between the vocals and the guitar (that's never too much in your face). As was the case in 'Catch me' as well violins were added in the background for some extra flavour.

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