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New light

The second step

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Snake : New light
(Cain - 1980)
Category : overlooked
4 stars

Snake : The second step
(Cain - 1980)
Category : overlooked
3,66 stars

Information about this obscure German biker's Hard Rock band is impossible to come by. All I know is that they released these two albums that apparently almost no one has ever heard of. Even the German specialised website '', who's normally very complete, does nothing more than mention the band member's names and it even lists only one of the two albums.

Snake had no less than three guitarists. It must have given them to opportunity to play the additional guitar melodies on stage, but on these albums it's not that clearly reflected in their style nor in the sound or the power of the album. They are both good albums though that deserved a whole lot more attention, as opposed to the total lack of it they actually received.

Snake were good musicians and skilled song writers, borrowing from other genres (some Funk and Melodic Rock and quite a lot of Boogie) if it suited them, but most of the time it's powerful and rather straight-ahead Hard Rock or Melodic Hard Rock of the variety that might also please Southern Rock addicts as well as fans of the NWOBHM movement.

The only slightly negative point are the merely adequate vocals. A better production of the vocals might have integrated them more. But the songs are good enough to carry that extra weight, and so I would advise you (if you are a classic Hard Rock fan at least) to give both these albums a good listen if, by chance, you ever see them in a bargain bin.

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