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Snowmen : Snowmen
(independent release - 1982)
Category : criminally overlooked
4,33 stars

Snowmen were a glam rock band that looked like Kiss during a black make-up shortage. They were indeed entirely painted white. They weren't a full fledged Hard Rock band though, but rather a mixture of an 80's Powerpop band like 20/20, Dwight Twilley or Cheap Trick and a Hard Rock band à la Kiss. The result is a very accessible mix of energetic Rockers and melodic Hard Rock songs, that could've done well on American 80's mainstream Rock radio if the band would've had better backing.

The entire album is very good. Snowmen certainly knew how to write songs, and how to perform them, but for me there are two songs that stand out nevertheless. These are 'Midnight Lady', one of the true Hard Rock songs on the album as the main riff is undeniably Hard Rock. The undertone is also slightly darker than in the other songs, but nowhere near as dark as, let's say, Black Sabbath as Snowmen never sounds gloomy. The second song is 'Piece of the Action' with its catchy chorus that wouldn't have been out of place on an AOR album.

The chance that you ever come across this album in a second hand record shop is slim (especially in Europe, where the album could only be found as an import in specialised stores). But if you do, and if you like the Rock and Hard Rock of the early 80's by bands as varied as Cheap Trick, Kiss, April Wine, REO Speedwagon, Joan Jett, latter day Angel or maybe even Van Halen, then have a quick listen. Chances are you'll be leaving the shop with this obscure slab of vinyl under your arm.

Steve McDonnell, the drummer of Snowmen, sent an email with an overview of his other activities since 1982:
- Drummer for Donnie Iris & the Cruisers (1991-1994) including the albums 'The Sword & the Shield' and 'Footsoldier in the Moonlight'. Several live Donnie Iris MP3`s with Steve McDonnell drumming on them, can be found on un-official Donnie Iris websites as well. Some of those performances are of 'good' quality.
- Recorded (often uncredited) on almost every Dirty Looks (Henrik Ostergaard) release between 1986 & 2008. Dirty Looks were on the Atlantic label.
- Steve is currently inactive from music scene.

These are a few live pictures taken long ago by Carl Zabecki. He also states: "It was amazing to see them live. But the more amazing part is how cool they were, when they played at the clubs on the Navy bases I would show up early for the show and watch them setup. Once that was all done I used to go into the RV with them and party. They were the type of group that would hang with the fans."

Snowmen live by Carl Zabecki
Snowmen live by Carl Zabecki

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