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T2: It'll all work out in Boomland
(Decca - 1970)
Category: overlooked
4 stars

One day I found this album in a damaged sleeve (with very ugly artwork on it) for 25 Eurocents. I had never heard of this British band but I figured that for the price I could always use it as a frisbee if it turned out to be crap. But I was in for a shock as I was completely blown away from the start. The opening song 'Circles' is a rather energetic Progressive Rock song and an absolute killer.

The Progressive Rock of T2 is typified by long instrumental passages, strong melodies (vocal as well as instrumental), high contrasts between the hard and soft parts of the songs and the occasional use of horns and a mellotron. In the softer passages they sometimes remind me of classic Procol Harum although T2 sounds a bit darker. The heavier parts are reminiscent of Deep Purple and sometimes even of Black Sabbath. Yet, the similarities are vague. T2 has an own style really as they are also influenced by Psychedelic Rock à la Cream. This is most evident in 'Morning', an epic clocking in at 21 minutes, with lots of different themes, lengthy instrumental guitar jams and expiremental parts.

The two remaining tracks are 'J.L.T.', a sort of ballad that doesn't have any guitars in it (it's mainly piano, mellotron, violins and horns) and 'No more white Horses', a mildly Psychedelic Rock song with a very high contrast between soft and heavy passages.

'Morning', 'J.L.T.' and 'No more white Horses' don't have the same impact as 'Circles', but are all good nonetheless, making this album a worthy addition to any fan of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Classic Hard Rock.

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