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Trespass : Brightlights EP
(Case - 1981)
Category : overlooked
4,33 stars

There are several bands called Trespass, but this is the NWOBHM band. Unfortunately I can not claim to be an expert on the band, as all I have ever heard of them is this EP. They do have more material out and what's more, at the moment I wrote this short text, their website even said they were recording new material.

The production of this 3 track single is merely adequate, the singing too and the style is your average New Wave of British Heavy Metal. But what sets these three tracks apart is the fact that Trespass were good songsmiths, who also understood the importance of a decent chorus.

Of the three tracks the uptempo Rocker 'Brightlights' is the simplest, but also the one with the most memorable chorus. Given a better production it might even have been radio-ready, but I like it just the way it is. 'The Duel' is probably the best song of the three. It's carried by a driving bass, has a recognisable guitar melody and an excellent guitar solo at the end. 'Man and Machine' has the weakest vocals, but it clearly came from the same mold as the other two tracks, so it's still more than enjoyable.

I think an EP like this is an excellent way to savour the band. A full album of this material might be too much, but in bitesize portions Trespass is a real treat to any fan of classic Hard rock and early 80's Metal.


Footnote: it seems there's a double anthology CD available of the band (on the Castle Music-label), called 'One of these days, the Trespass Anthology'. It contains this entire EP as well as the two tracks that appeared on the 'Metal for Muthas 2' sampler and 28 more tracks from their 80's period.

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