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Uriah Heep: Abominog

Uriah Heep - Abominog : A demon's head graces the sleeve of Heep's fourteenth album. Not surprisingly the best track on it, an uptempo Hard Rock tune, is called "Sell Your Soul". Unfortunately I'm under the impression this primate version of a demon is not going to wait for you to sell it. He's just going to rip it out of you. And then he'll tear the flesh from your bones and chew on your eyeballs for desert.

This painting is so convincing (just look at the specks of light coming from his teeth, tongue and the drops of blood) that you'd think the painter had an actual demon posing for him. I just remember how cool it was when I first saw it as a teenager.

Arid: Under the Cold Street Lights  

Arid - Under the Cold Street Lights : A simple idea and well executed.

The Alan Parsons Project: I Robot  

The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot : A classic.

Marcy Playground: Shapeshifter  

Marcy Playground - Shapeshifter : A good technique, a personal style and a fine sense of humour make this an irresistible image that has you wondering what brought this strange duo together.

Genesis: Duke  

Genesis - Duke : Such a simple drawing and still able to tell a whole story. To me it looks as if 'Duke' would like to take part in life. But too afraid to leave all he can do is look out of his window, feeling all sad and lonely.

Blue Öyster Cult: Cultosaurus Erectus


Blue Öyster Cult - Cultösaurus Erectus : A massive creature by Science Fiction painter Richard Clifton-Dey. The painting is called "Behemoth's World".

Below: a view of the complete painting.

David Sylvian: Blemish  

David Sylvian - Blemish : Portraits of musicians are rarely interesting as cover art, but this delicate aquarel with the pencil outlines (at least that's what I guess they are) immediately drew my attention.

Grateful Dead: Blues for Allah  

Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah : Philip Garris has a long history of projects for the Grateful Dead. This is one of his most famous paintings.

Kingfish: self titled  

Kingfish - Kingfish : Another Garris painting, not surprisingly for a project of a Grateful Dead member.

Can: Tago Mago  

Can - Tago Mago : The typography reveals the the age of this album cover but the image is still powerful today.

Bloodrock: Whirlwind Tongues  

Bloodrock: Whirlwind Tongues : Not much younger than the previous image, this painting is clearly a product of the seventies. But as this example shows good art ages well.

Therion: Gothic Kaballah  

Therion - Gothic Kaballah : A mystic symbol with an embossed effect. Very nicely done.

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