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The comic book project  

This project has been postponed in favour of the children's book project.

I did release one black & white comic book called 'Fin de Semaine' in a totally different style in 1997. This was for a Belgian publisher called Grint. It was a joint venture with published comic artists Nix, Bart Schoofs, Karel Lauwers and Rogerio Nunes and it had a cover painted by the great Johan De Moor.

But for all intents and purposes this new project would have been my first real comic book. However, I have since come back on my decision to create a comic book this year . I have decided to put my effort in writing and illustrating a Fantasy children's book instead. There simply aren't enough days in a week to be able to do all the projects I would like to do.

Maybe next year...

Images on this page

Right: The first head to toe study of Gwnny ("Girl with no name yet").
Here below: the first studies of Gwnny and Squinkey.

  The first head to toe portrait of the comic book hero called Gwnny
A pencil study for a sidekick called Squinkey  

A pencil study of a sidekick called Squinkey
Two pencil studies of a rather moronic sidekick called Squinkey (a sort of Squirrel / Monkey hybrid, but not really).

an early portrait study of the comic book artist Gwnny an early portrait study of the comic book artist Gwnny These are the first studies of Gwnny. Her look will still have progressed before the start of the book's creation. I wanted her nose to be wide for example, but I slightly overdid it, so that's already one detail that's going to change among others.

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