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Emailing designs    

As emailing designer (and HTML integrator) I follow the strict rules regarding maximum width, fixed URL's, image tagging, font colours and inline CSS and I respect the additional limitations imposed upon us by certain email clients regarding backgrounds and the type of media and the kind of bitmaps that are allowed to go into an email. A good copy in bitesize portions is important as well, just as an unambiguous and prominent call to action.

The examples here below give you an idea of different types of newsletters or emailings. Some (such as the Vampire emailing) are done within a very limited timeframe of a few hours, creation of the HTML included.

An illustration dating back to 1996

An emailing design for Permesso, an agency that's specialized in email marketing.

Agency: LBi
Client: Permesso
Year : 2007 / 2008
My role : Senior Web Designer / HTML & CSS integrator
Used software : Fireworks / Dreamweaver

Another emailing for a musical called 'Dance of the Vampires'.

An emailing like this, if there are a couple of good pictures to start from, requires less design research and takes less time.
Agency: LBi
Client: Permesso
Year : 2010
My role : Senior Web Designer
Used software : Fireworks

An emailing for Douwe Egberts coffee.
This emailing uses bitmaps for text, which is not advisable. However, if bitmaps are required, tagging them correctly is essential.
Agency: LBi
Client: Sara Lee
Year : 2010
My role : Senior Web Designer
Used software : Fireworks

Click on this image to open an animation
Picture by Jan Vandenbergh
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