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Hi there,
I'm Johan Wuyckens (aka Foob), illustrator, designer, author of RPG books and vocalist of a notoriously unsuccesful Heavy Rock band since 1991, and GUI-designer, webdesigner and art director since 1999.

My clients generally are creative agencies and Creative Directors or CTO's of big firms, so if you are looking for an experienced freelance designer/art director to temporarily strengthen your in-house design team, please contact the people at Harvey Nash (Belgian office). You might want to check out my profile on linkedin to find out if I'm currently already on a long term project or not.

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I am not in any shape or form affiliated with German agency 'Foob Werbe Foto Agentur', nor with their website

Yes, I know. The design of my website is dated and I'm making matters worse by adding extra info (such as this one) that was never meant to be on the homepage. The site's present look & feel was created in 2011 and it predates the emergence of the flat style craze and of responsive design. One day I will completely revamp this, but until that day, please ignore my site's look & feel and focus on the screenshots of my projects instead. Thanks, all!

Now available: You can now order the children's book I illustrated for youth author Chris De Backer directly from Chris his website.

Webdesign and Graphical User Interface Design

Achieving a perfect combination between aesthetics and usability (form and function) is a passion. To me readability, scannability, accessibility and usability are just as important in webdesign and Interface Design as composition, colour, whitespace, contrast and shape. A good web/interface designer distinguishes himself not by how intricate his design is, but by how he uses key elements in his design to achieve optimal results.

A GUI designer and webdesigner since '98, I have cooperated on many different types of jobs: websites, intranets, extranets, Flash games, apps for iPad or phone, Silverlight apps, dashboards,...

See some more Webdesign and GUI projects
Flash Banners and Flash Animations

I mostly do Flash animations for eLearning applications, product demonstrations, animated banners, Flash games and also a music video (featuring the animated tin toys shown here below).

As banner designer I follow the IAB's technical specifications for online display advertising that (Belgian) agencies have to follow regarding weight, play length, number of loops and clicktags.

See some banners and animationsWatch a music video by Unk!

I use the gaps in my design planning to create illustrations for a variety of projects, although I am working on making it something more regular. I produce work in different styles and for different purposes. It varies from vector art (for example for flash animations) over hand drawn cartoons to semi-realistic Fantasy art for children's books and RPG books (with work going back as far as 1989).

A tiny selection of colourful illustrations is available as framed art prints, posters or post cards from my online Artflakes shop.

See illustrations in different styles and techniquesPosters and Art Prints of Foob's Art
Project Examples
Portail Wallon des Entreprises
More about this Project
Agency :
Client :
Project :
Type :
My role :
Chris De Backer
Children's book (9+ year olds)
Cover art, illustrations and lay out
More about this Project
Agency :
Client :
Project :
Type :
My role :
Mobile app
iPad application
Design of an app interface for an internal pitch and POC.
Portail Wallon des Entreprises
More about this Project
Agency :
Client :
Project :
Type :
My role :
LBi (Lost Boys International)
Studio 100 / Plopsaland
Plopsaland sites (2008-2010)
Commercial websites
Design of three theme amusement park flash websites.
These Fine Agencies put my talents to good use See more Projects Contact me now
These agencies put my talents to good use Digitas LBi Endorsements by Colleagues and ClientsEndorsements for DesignEndorsements for Management
Johan is the most experienced web designer I know.
Peter Coopmans
Owner of 'The Uptimizers' (and Former Senior Web Integrator at LBi Belgium)
Johan is very creative yet focused on business objectives.
Jean-Marc Rodelet
Former Creative Design Manager of DAD (Digital Age Design)
I have worked for years in the internet industry, with several managers in different companies. With Johan it was the first time I felt real creative leadership.
J.-C. Goovaerts
Former Senior Webdesigner
at LBi Belgium

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  I just published "Fabric Racer" iPhone game interface design to my Behance portfolio:  
  I just published AX-206, a new iPhone interface design to my Behance portfolio:  
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Design Skills Illustration Skills Management Related Skills
Webdesign (websites, intranets, extranets, minisites,...)
Graphical User interface Design (ipad, iphone, smartphone,...)
E-Mailing & Newsletter Design (+ static HTML & inline CSS creation)
Logo Design
Flash (banners, animation & Flash Interface Design)
Illustrations (different styles & techniques)
Fantasy Art (for children's books & Role Playing Game books)
Image Compositing & Photo manipulation (aka. "Photoshopping")
Team Management
I am the former Director of the Design Department of a major web agency.
Art Direction, Quality control & Coaching
Follow-up of the visual quality and consistency of the project & support for junior designers.
Fireworks Coach
Teaching what is still the most cost-effective tool for Web & GUI Design.
And... Non-Professional Activities and Articles
Curriculum Vitae (short)
Curriculum Vitae (detailed)
Why choose Fireworks over Photoshop? (article)
Underrated Music Albums
The Best CD Artwork
Selection of awful CD art
Dutch Roleplaying Games / Nederlandstalig Rollenspel
Starspawn (My live Heavy Metal band)
Unk! (My Dance Metal studio project)
My Children's book project
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  Gratis NEderlandstalige Rollenspellen   Dowload free Dance Metal music   Read Foob's completely subjective music reviews of criminally underrated albums  
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