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I am not a cartoonist, but every once in a while an idea pops into my head that I quickly turn into a pen drawing. To me the difference between a cartoon and an illustration is that cartoons can be scetchy and in a sense flawed from a purely technical point of view.

This page shows a few examples of old comics and old cartoons.

a cartoon about the evolution of a soccer fan by Foob  
The evolution of the soccer hooligan  
A cartoon by Foob about an endangered species  
"Threatened species" (in Dutch 'Threatened' and 'Endangered' are the same word)  
A cartoon by Foob about a man with a special kind of headache  
A cartoon by Foob about how children read less with each generation  
This one accompanied an article in a magazine that ran the story
that reading is in decline with youth.
A cartoon by Foob about apprentice neonazis  
Apprentice neo-nazi's  
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Client :
one page of the "Fin de semaine" comic book by Foob, Nix, Nunes and others  
I am not a comic book artist although I did contribute an eight page comic to the book "Fin de Semaine" and I published a few one page comics in small magazines.

Here above: one of the pages of the book (without text).

Right: The front cover of the book, painted by Johan De Moor. The other artists who contributed to the project are Lauwers, Rogerio Nunes, Nix (of 'Kinky & Cozy' fame) and Bart Schoofs.

the cover of the Fin de Semaine comic book with a cover by Johan De Moor
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I am the former Director of the Design Department of a major web agency.
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