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I am not a cartoonist, but every once in a while an idea pops into my head that I quickly turn into a pen drawing. Ideas like that are like free gifts. You don't have to do anything for them. I'm not certain how I would do though, if I had to produce cartoons every day.

To me the difference between a cartoon and an illustration is that cartoons can be scetchy and in a sense flawed from a purely technical point of view, as it's the idea that counts most.

Most texts are in Dutch but when needed English translations are written in this column. Top: The evolution from a primitive animal, over a soccer fan, to a monkey and a modern human. This cartoon was inspired by reports about soccer hooliganism in the news. What's nice about this cartoon is that it's just as relevant now as it was when I made it.
Year: 1998
Right: A cartoon entitled "Endangered species". The marsupial dog just received a written death threat.
Year: 1998

  a cartoon about the evolution of a soccer fan by FoobA cartoon by Foob about an endangered species

Right: Two more endangered species: "the hairless polar bear" and "the giant ass worm".
Year: 1998 (?)

A cartoon by Foob about an endangered species   A cartoon by about an endagered species called the giant assworm

Right: A doctor taking a double pronged approach to a problem.
Year: 1998

  A cartoon by Foob about a man with a special kind of headache

Right: 'Women with dyed blonde hair". Here's one with and without the hair.
Year: 1998 (?)

  A cartoon by Foob about women who dye their hair blonde

Right: "Congratulations with the new job". This one's more like a congratulatory card than a real cartoon.
Year: 1997

  a congratulatory card by Foob for a person with a new job

Right: "Children read less with each generation". This one was inspired by a scientific report that said that reading was in decline. If I'm not mistaken, this one appeared in the monthly magazine of the cultural youth organization "Stichting Kamiel Bizaar" that ran the same article.
Client: Stichting Kamiel Bizaar (?)
Year: 1998

  A cartoon by Foob about how children read less with each generation

Right: - "Look, I don't have anything against Maroccans, but they can fuck my sister any time".
- "Yeah, bring 'em on."
Year: 1998

  A cartoon by Foob about racism

Right: Apprentice neo-nazi's.
Year: 1998

  A cartoon by Foob about apprentice neonazis

Right: This cartoon, depicting different ways to commit suicide, can only be understood and appreciated if you're Flemish. "Eddy Wally" is a Belgian singer whose Flemish songs are "notorious".
Year: 1996

  A cartoon by Foob that can only be understood by Flemish people

Right: An illustration about a mole working on the plans of the European train tunnel underneath the English channel. I made this one after a report that the work on the tunnel ran into loads of problems.
Year: 1990

  An illustration about a mole working on the plans of the channel tunnel

Right: "Masturbating worm."
Year: 1998 (?)

Extreme right: Illustration for a small publication about photography.
Client: Stichting Kamiel Bizaar
Year: 1993

A cartoon by Foob about a masturbating worm  



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