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Earliest work (1985 - 1990)   Related specialties: Comics | Cartoons | Image compositing

This is some very old stuff I did in my late teens and early twenties. You have entered this section of experimental and sometimes truly terrible stuff at your own risk.

All work on this page is placed in reversed chronological order.


Right: This is an illustration I did when I was in my last year at the "Sint LuKas high institute of Art". The theme was an opera about a terrorist hijacking of a sea liner. It's still not a bad piece of work, but in retrospect I realize it does show a preconceived idea about the ethnicity of terrorists.
Year: 1990


Right: Here you see another terrorist jumping out of a chimney (see also previous image).
Year: 1990








Right: a semi abstract work using darkroom techniques.
Year: 1990


Right: An illustration for an article about the Eurotunnel underneath the English channel. It was part of an exercise in my last year at the Sint Lukas art school.
Year: 1990


Right: "Rabbit! Rabbit!". I added this one for sentimental reasons as this jerky, primitive piece was my first "illustration" done using a computer (and a mouse). It was an Amiga and if I recall correctly it ran at the amazing clockspeed of 33 Mhz with 16 MB or so of memory. Ah, those were the days.
Year: 1989


Right: One of many abstract experiments I did when was a young demi-god.
Year: 1989

  An abstract experiment I did as a teenager

Right: An abstract mini painting (on a size A4 piece of cardboard). It seems I didn't like colour very much in those days. This one's called "Angry man looking angry".
Year: 1989


Right: Here's another one. This one's called "The dog's been at it again".
Year: 1989


Right: An abstract mini painting in gouache or acrylic paint, only 7 centimeters high.
Right 2: Another abstract mini painting in Ecoline, titled "The guard dog".
Year: 1989
Extreme right: Two fantastic landscapes in acrylic paint.
Year: 1989

  A fantastic landscape by Foob

Right: Nude study, one of many I did at the Sint Lukas art school. What I like about this pencil drawing is its unfinished state.
Year: 1988 or 1989

  Nude by Foob

Right: About the same exercise as the one in 1985 (see lower) but with better results. This was in my first year at the Sint Lukas art school. As you can see I used telekinetic powers to hold this still life in place.
Year: 1987


Right: Self portrait in acrylic paint at the age of 21.
Year: 1988

Extreme right: This "dragon warrior" may be the first Fantasy drawing I ever made. That was after reading a comic book by Druillet. Its influence is visible in the warrior's armour.
Year: 1987

  My first Fantasy drawing by Foob

Right: This is a silkscreen print. My love for this technique didn't really continue to develop, though.
Year: 1986Extreme right: A gouache painting of a triceratops.
Year: 1986


Right: One of the techniques they tried to teach us at school, was aquarel. Emphasis on 'tried'. It didn't catch on with me but it did give me a deep respect for aquarel painters. It's a difficult technique.
Year: 1985


Right: I can still remember those days when that yellowish "Ingres" paper was part of the daily routine. Here's one sheet of it with a still life on it. And not one correct oval in sight.
Year: 1985


Right: Self portrait in gouache at the age of 17 or 18.
Year: 1984 or 1985



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