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This page shows you what former colleagues and new clients say. Apart for one, all these recommendations come from my LinkedIn profile page.

Recommendations for Designer / Ergodesigner / ...

Goedele Van Grunderbeek
Project Manager at Tabeoka.
This agency hired me in 2011
  "Johan is a very independent worker. His designs were well thought through and graphically very strong. We will definitely get in touch with him for future projects. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative."  
Stanislas Van Oost
Former CEO of LBi Belgium
  "Johan, to be able to do what you have done, one either has to be very talented or very committed. You are both. Thank you for all those years of fruitful collaboration. (part of a "farewell email") "  
Jean-Luc Robins
Former Client Manager
at LBi Belgium
  "Johan’s a great professional. Not a diva artist aiming to create his masterpiece, his focus is the user experience and the underlying message of the website. Very good team player, he actively listens to the brief and puts his talent at the service of the deliverable and of the project team. Very nice to work with him for the outcome of the work but for the working atmosphere too."  
Roberto Salvador
Former Senior Webdesigner at LBi Belgium, now working at Emakina
  " Johan is a very dedicated & detail-oriented designer. He's able to work fast, with short deadlines and delivers quality work. He's definitely an asset for any company looking for a good, trustworthy and efficient designer. "  
Jurgen Noël
Former Senior Business Consultant
at LBi Belgium

"Johan is a passionate and driven designer with loads of experience on numerous big clients. He is very punctual and has an eye for detail. But he's also fun to work with: friendly, always in a good mood, always motivated,... And as account manager you could sleep on both ears because you knew the result would be there."

Sabine Mahy
Former Client Manager
at LBi Belgium
  " Johan has always achieved a rare combination of creative, attractive and meangingful design. He is very reliable and has the ability to rapidly establish a positive relationship with clients. He is also very nice to work with. For all these reasons, I strongly recommend him. "  
Gilles Deketelaere
Former Senior webdesigner
at LBi Belgium
  " If I have to sum up Johan in one word, I would say, Efficiency. I remember he was really impressive with the amount of work he was able to do, always respecting deadlines and staying enthousiastic."  
Loïc Wydouw
Former Account Art Director
at LBi Belgium
  "Led by “simplicity brings efficiency” Johan is able to cover an incredible amount of quality work that's pure, clear and accurate in a very short timeframe. This single quality alone is enough for many to be well perceived but Johan always looked a step further. With his detail-oriented approach he is always using his subtle touch to move a design from “good” to “wooooow!”. Seduce the human and your conversion will follow, isn’t it? "  
Philippe Hoevenaeghel
Former Web Marketeer
at LBi Belgium
  " Johan is very open-minded and quick to act and he leaves nothing to chance. The time of a briefing and he's off. Efficiency and pragmatism are his hallmarks!"  
Peter Coopmans
Former Senior Web Integrator
at LBi Belgium
  " I've worked twice with and for Johan during my career and I can say that he is the most experienced web designer I know. Through this experience he was always able to find the right design solution. I also remember him as a warm and helpful colleague: always willing to calmly help junior designers. Johan is definitely one of the most professional and nicest designers I've worked with. "  
Andreea Buescu
Senior webdesigner and Account Art Director at LBi Belgium and LBi London
  " Johan is a very effective and straight to the point designer. He knows how and when to find the right solutions to provide high level and thorough work. He's very attentive to details and has a bionic pixel ruler in the eye. Johan is a quiet strength and a very cool friend to work with, he is always open to comments and happy to share his long experience."  
Jean-Marc Rodelet
Former Creative Design Manager
of DAD (pre LBi Belgium)
  " Johan is one of the most reliable colleagues I've worked with. We worked very close together on huge projects such as the first Belgian Federal Portal. Johan is very creative yet focused on business objectives. Open minded, meticulous and always ready to give it all in support of the project, he works fast and accurate. Sometimes stubborn but always in the interest of the "right thing to do", he doesn't hesitate to challenge an idea and that's very valuable! Should you need to know more, feel free to contact me! "  
Richard Cop
Former Senior Web integrator / Webdesigner
at LBi Belgium
  " Johan is not just a very good team leader. I also saw some of his accomplishments and I was impressed by their quality and professionalism."  
Anthony De Brackeleire
Former Rich Media Director
at LBi Belgium
  " When I first met Johan he was Senior Designer at DAD (now LBi) and I have always been impressed by this "big guy" making such pure and fresh designs! He is the man you need when you want the best quality for a client and his experienced eyes never fail a judgment. Johan is a really social person I always enjoyed working with. "  
Leen Pairon
Former Project Manager
at LBi Belgium
  " As Project Manager I have always enjoyed the collaboration with Johan on projects such as bannering campaigns, emalings and microsites. He's not only a creative designer, he also communicates well to the team and the PM.In short, he's someone you can safely trust with your projects."  
Jo Lories
Former Project Manager
at LBi Belgium
  " It was a pleasure working together with Johan. His approach and working methods are without a doubt efficient. I also remember his enthousiasm. In short, I highly recommend him! "  
    More details?    
  If you wish to know more about the professionals who wrote these recommendations, visit my LinkedIn profile page. If the direct link doesn't work, use LinkedIn's people search function.  
  Recommendations for Team Leader / Coach / ...

Jean-Christophe Goovaerts
Former Senior Webdesigner
at LBi Belgium
  "I have worked for years in the internet industry, with several managers in different companies. With Johan it was the first time I felt real creative leadership. Johan is a designer himself and knows perfectly how to handle estimations, how the customers will react and how to get the best results. Furthermore, he is really open to suggestions and always ready to fix day-to-day problems. I'd be really happy if I got the chance to work with him again in the future! "  
Laurent Kinet
Former Strategy & Planning Director
of LBi Belgium, now Managing Director
at K Company who hired me in 2011
  "Johan has always been a pleasant fellow to work with: discreet, efficient, proactive, acccurate, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, common-sensed, pragmatic, productive, empathic, listener, polite, generous, coach, loyal, fun - in a word: talented!."  
Roberto Salvador
Former Account Art Director
at LBi Belgium, now working at Emakina
  " Johan is definitely a team oriented person. He can bring out the best in young talents and motivates the troups to achieve the impossible. Having him as head of the department was a really thrilling experience. "  
Loïc Wydouw
Former Account Art Director
at LBi Belgium
  " Among many managers I had the opportunity to work with, Johan is probably the most “human centric”. While working with him for a web development and online marketing agency, he was leading his team like a father; always mentoring, advising and sharing his long and amazing experience to let people grow and earn additional responsibilities in a sane and positive atmosphere. Not only good at creation, Johan understands every step of the chain and helps you to stay one step ahead of problems. For sure Johan is an inescapable asset for any design project you’d like to launch!"  
Bart Van Den Kieboom
Former Client Manager at LBi Belgium,
now Managing Director at K Company.
This company hired me in 2011.
  " I have always liked working with Johan and this for many reasons. First I knew him as a very capable designer who was able to deliver on time and with high quality and then as a colleague in the management committee at LBi where he was present as Head of the Creative Design Department. He was probably one of the most humane directors I have known and it was a pleasure to work with him and his team. I wish him all the best in his future career and lucky are those who will have the chance to work with this fountain of creativity. As a small inside joke I would like to add: "Power to the Mole-rats.” "  
Dehon Blaise
Former Project Manager
at LBi Belgium
  " I have obtained much satisfaction from working with Johan. He really is a solutions guy with a lot of good advice. It's also no surprise he's appreciated in his team because his natural leadership is rooted in real human qualities."  
Pierre Somers
Former Senior Consultant / Project Manager at LBi Belgium
  " Johan is a highly skilled webdesigner - one of the few with a genuine personal style - and an enthousiastic team leader. Working with him is a real pleasure since Johan creates a professional atmosphere, providing expertise and confidence to achieve the best results. He is extremely focused and supports and defends his team in all circumstances i.e. when facing complex resource allocation problems. Johan brings strength, talent and confidence to design! "  
Tom Hoffmeijer
Junior Web design Intern
at LBi Belgium
  " As Head of the Creative Design Department Johan hired me in september 2009 as an intern. He has a broad field of interest and knows how to guide a team. He's a team player. Apart from that he's enormously enthousiastic, especially when he's educating his interns in his clear, calm and controlled manner. We have enjoyed working together for five months."  
David Alexander Slaager
Former Art Director
at LBi Belgium

"I have worked with Johan for quite a number of years. First he impressed me because he was presented to me as the fast and efficient B2B specialist of clean interfaces. And it has to be said he's got "the eye"! He immediately understands the client's wishes and offers him THE solution. Even down to the pixel he creates beautiful designs that are always functional. His sense of aesthetics and his eye for detail make his judgment a certainty for success. His remarks are always grounded and he systematically comes up with a solution. Over the course of the years Johan has accepted new challenges at DAD/LBi and became "Head of Design". Our collaboration continued on that basis and still he displayed that same efficiency, the willingness to compromise and listen in his search for solutions. For a freelancer like me, that was very reassuring. "

Andreea Buescu
Account Art Director
at LBi Belgium and LBi London
  " My experience with Johan as Head of the Design Department was very positive. Human, caring and supporting, he was always available and attentive to his team. His trust gave us many responsabilities and opportunities to learn, grow and achieve success on big projects for our main clients. Working with Johan was a rewarding experience I'd enjoy doing again. "  
Richard Cop
Former Senior Web developer and Webdesigner at LBi Belgium
  " I had the great pleasure of working in the service of Johan Wuyckens. He is a very good team leader and inspires his colleagues. He is a quiet, very nice guy who has mastered the art of negotiation with other departments, especially with the Projects Managers. He never seems overwhelmed by the situation... He is always in control! In addition, he's a great designer... This is a valuable asset to lead a team of designers. If I had the opportunity to work with him again, I would sign up! "  
Florence Moreau
Former Senior Web Analytics Business Consultant & P.M. at LBi Belgium
  " I have had the opportunity to work with Johan when he became the Director of the Creative Design Department. Alwyas ready to help us out with the allocation of the talents within his team, he also proved to be an excellent Art Director. His experience and the quality of his work always shone through in the design deliveries. It has always been a pleasure working with this excellent designer and team leader."  
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  If you wish to know more about the professionals who wrote these recommendations, visit my LinkedIn profile page. If the direct link doesn't work, use LinkedIn's people search function.  
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