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Webdesign and Graphical User Interface Design
Portail Wallon des Entreprises
My roles:
- Lead Interface Designer / Webdesigner
- Media Player interface designer
K Company (
Having heard of my departure from LBi in 2011, the Li├Ęge based agency K-Company contacted me only weeks later, because they already knew my track record on large scale B2B and B2C projects for corporate clients and because of my work for several European, Belgian Federal and local governments.

To create the look & feel for this project, I cooperated closely with K-Company's eBI Consultant Ingrid Rennoir for a perfect match between Usabilty and Design. There also were accessibilty constraints that had to be taken into account, as well as the client's request to make all designs fit into the 960 Grid system. So, the look & feel had to be professional and aesthetically pleasing, but how the site would perform later on in terms of Usabilty and Accessibilty was even more important. It's a clear case of design that has to serve a purpose. With a few minor changes the designs were accepted by the Ministry and with my part of the job done, the project has now gone into the development phase.

"Portail Wallon des Entreprises" is a preliminary title. The official launch date is somewhere in 2014. This means I am not allowed to show any designs until that time.

Used software and motivation:
Because of the relatively large number of screens that had to be designed and the fact that minor changes were frequent as a result of the collaborative and exploratory way of working between myself, Ingrid Rennoir and Project Manager Germis Cassian, Fireworks was the most ergonomical choice for the job thanks to its ability to make changes in all designs at once.

Link to the article on K Company's website:

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