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Curriculum Vitae (short version)  
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On this page: My Vision | Key facts | Skills and Qualities | Awards | Used Software My Vision

  - Achieving a perfect combination between form (aesthetics) and function (usability) is a passion that goes beyond the purely professional.
  - Readability, scannability, accessibility and usability are just as important in webdesign and Graphical Interface Design as composition, colour, whitespace, contrast and shape.
  - A real web/interface designer distinguishes himself not by how intricate his design is, but by how he uses a few key elements in his design to achieve optimal results.

Key facts (short version)

  - Born 8th of December 1967
  - 8 years of education in arts & graphic design.
  - Webdesigner & Interface designer since 1998.
  - 10 years at DAD / LBi Belgium as Webdesigner > AD > Director of the Design Department.
  - Six month mission at Accenture for the first website, etc...
  - As Director I led a team of 15 professionals plus freelancers and interns.
  - Freelancer since mid 2011.
  - Spoken Languages: Dutch (mother's tongue), French (good) and English (good).

Main skills (short version)
For more details on each of these skills, see the long version of my CV.

  - Webdesign / Emailing design - GUI design
  - Usability (mixed profile designer) - Flash / Bannering / Animation
  - Art Direction - Team Lead / Coach
  - HTML/CSS (static & for emailings) - etcetera...

Personal qualities
To get an idea about my personality and how it is to work with me, you could read recommendations written by colleagues and clients. That's probably more useful than what my subjective self image makes me write about myself here below:

  - Autonomous yet Team player.
  - Bionic eyes with integrated pixel rulers (eye for detail).
  - Not a diva designer.
  - I can handle constructive criticism (and give it as well).
  - Always open to new and interesting ideas.
  - Proactive.
  - Not afraid to challenge ideas, but always ready to accept better ones.
  - Chocolate addict (just don't feed the animal).

See the long version of this CV if this interests you.Used software (short version)
To me it's the result that counts, so I use the most appropriate (and therefore not necessarily the most popular) software for the different types of jobs. See long version of this CV for more details.Projects and clients
Visit the 'Projects and Clients' page for a concise overview.Endorsements
Visit the 'Endorsements' page to find out if the claims I made (in my long CV) are just boasts of an oversize ego or if they are also seconded by colleagues and clients.

  The braon of the webdesigner
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Picture by Jan Vandenbergh
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